Tyax "Ephraim" Gulftown

An ardent seeker of knowledge Ephraim has tasted what the expanse can offer, now he must know more.


Origin Path

Rt o path


WS 26
BS 41
S 33
T 42
Ag 34
Int 6121 (Unnatural Intelligence x2)
Per 39
WP 34
Fel 37

Character Sheet GM Copy

Record of Acquisitions


Treated as Basic
Common Lore (Machine Cult) [Int]
Common Lore (Tech) [Int]

Common Lore (Machine Cult) [Int]
Common Lore (Tech) [Int]
Forbidden Lore (Archaotech) [Int] +10
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) [Int] +10
Literacy [Int]
Logic [Int]
Speak Language (Explorator Binary) [Int]
Speak Language (Low Gothic) [Int]
Speak Language (Techna-Lingua) [Int]
Tech-Use [Int]
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) [Int]
Sleight of Hand [Ag]


Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Logis Implants
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Talented (Tech-Use)
Technical Knock


Mechanicus Implants


Role: Enginseer Prime
12 Wounds
3 Fate Points
8 Corruption Points (Tainted)
6 Insanity Points (Stable)
-10 to test involving Imperial Creed
-5 to Fel tests to interact with the Ecclesiarchy in formal settings


Good-Craftsmanship Cortex Implants


Good-Craftsmanship Hellgun
Good-Craftsmanship Power Axe
Enforcer Light Carapace
Void Suit
Sacred Unguents
Servo Skull [Auspex, Tech-Use]:

WS 15, BS 15, S 10, T 20, Ag 30, Int 15, Per 35, WP 20, Fel -
Awareness (Per) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Dodge (Ag), Silent Move (Ag) +10, Tech-Use (Int) +20
Dark Sight, Flyer 6, Machine (2), Size (Puny)
Armour All (2)
Vox, Cogitator, Auspex.
Movement: Half 6, Full 12, Charge 18, Run 36


Lives are lost, greatness is fleeting, knowledge is constant.

The once great Techmage Lords of Belacane are waning. My fellow Adeptus Mechanicus, with their unmatched understanding of times plentiful bounty are now feeling its fickle grasp. There are few on my homeworld which still understand what it is like to have power and there are those, like myself, that have yet to taste it.

There are those on Belacane that would see my family eradicated. I do not fear them, for I can only feel pity at their deontological blindness keeping them from understanding the philosophies of my erudite ancestors. With my worlds multiple century spanning isolationism, my fathers felt the waning of the Belacanian Quest for Knowledge for which they died to mitigate and prevent as best they could. The founders of Gulftown, a technological mecca for the exchange of information, understood that knowledge can be traded and ultimately lead to a further gain of power.

As a progenitor of Gulftown it is with painful remembrance that I recall the sight of the broken, burnt, and decimated husk that was once my home. It was only with that sight that I came to understand why my fathers took such great lengths to teach me. It was only with that sight that I knew Belacane was no longer a place for those true to the Omnissiah.

I fled to the Koronus Expanse, hearing the call much like my ancestors fifteen millennia previous. What I saw is a tale for another time, but it has bolstered my understanding that I need to explore, I need to discover more in The Quest for the Omnissiah.

Lives are a method, greatness is a function, knowledge is all.

The Unearthing of The Boazer
  • One of his first exploratory endeavors into the Koronus Expanse.
  • Discovered the crashed remains of the Adeptus Mechanicus ship “Boazer”
  • Despite his best efforts to recover information, he was unsuccessful, bringing a realisation that knowledge can be lost.
  • This caused a shift in perception, causing the value he had placed in people and his own reputation lessened to become to a means to an end rather than a end in and of themselves.
  • Fearful of loosing information and knowledge.

What is your demeanour?
Boazer is very practical and at times quite sociable however, he is prone to fits of letting his curiosity get the better of him and questioning authority if commanded.

Why does the Koronus Expanse call to you?
Boazer wishes to partake in The Quest for Knowledge.

What will you sacrifice?
Humanity, renown, friendship, and trust. All these are superfluous as long as he can ascertain and catalog information so that he may formulate more knowledge. They can be respected, and to some extent revered, but they will always be a means to an end.

What is your ambition?
To not allow the loss of knowledge as epitomised by the Boazer.

What are your hatreds?
Certain authoritarian regimes (mainly the Ecclesiarchy, though any that imposes too far on his personal freedom), the Techmage Lords of Belacane, and those that partake in tech heresy (as opposed to cataloging and leaving it alone).


  • Party integration / ‘recent history’

Tyax "Ephraim" Gulftown

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