The Warrant

Comprising a vast tome in it’s entirety, bound in ancient leather and possessed of multiple gene-coded locks, the Warrant of Trade is the beating heart of a Rogue Trader’s operations. Without it he is a mere renegade, shunned or destroyed by the rightful servants of the Imperium. With it he has the power to build, or destroy, entire worlds.

This having been said, the Warrant is limited in it’s application within the Imperium, it’s true power lies in the powers of exploration it bestows upon the holder. Even fleeting contact with the vile Xenos is allowed under the dictates of such a venerable document. Suffice to say that the full remit of the Warrant is nigh limitless, but that certain actions may attract the attention of Imperial authorities that look upon a Warrant Holder with suspicioun, disdain or even jealousy.

The Warrant Path

- Age: Age of Rebirth
- Fortune and Fate: Struggling
- Acquisition: Bribery
- Sanction: Angevin Crusade
- Contacts: Adeptus Mechanicus
- Warrant Renown: Unknown

Ship Points Granted: 60 (after addition of Character Origin Path)
Profit Factor Granted: 33 (after addition of Character Origin Path)


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The Dynasty

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The Warrant

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