Simkin's Reach

Simkin’s Reach, previously known as Starcluster SH-01-H5, is a region of space near the Unbeholden Reaches in the Koronus Expanse. It possesses several human-populated systems, some of which have a limited form of warp-drivetechnology. There are also several Xenos races at large in this recently rediscovered area of space, some planet bound by their primitive technology, others major threats to life within the Reach.

It must be noted that although the Von Trieger Dynasty is nominally the first dynasty to arrive in the reach, there may be others who have decided to explore different star systems first…

Locations within the Reach:

- Proxima Aura Human faction
- The Seraph Technocracy Human faction
- Heirs of Simkin Human faction
- Da Waaagh Sun Ork faction (isolated)
- The Savages of Seraph Secundus Primitive Unidentified Xenos Species (Planet bound)

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Simkin's Reach

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