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Welcome to the Bonds of Dynasty Wiki!

This series of articles will explore the main facets of any settings and plot devices that the characters will interact with. These will range from mere curios all the way up to the largest of endeavours currently being worked on, or previously achieved.

Without further ado, content!

- Home Page

Player Character Items/Endeavours

A combination of background and crunch concerning vital player items and endeavours (past & present).

- The Warrant
- Eternal Quaestor Tempest Class Frigate
- Notable Holdings
- Endeavour Record

Locations (General)

A collection of publicly known general locations.

- Scintilla
- Port Wander
- Simkin’s Reach

Locations (Player)

The publicly acknowledged locations and communities directly underp layer control.

- Starship Locations and Communities

Political Landscape

Important political information available to the characters.

- PC-Institution Relationships
- Institution-Institution Relationships

Acquisition Record

A run-down of all group acquisitions. Character-specific acquisitions will be noted where appropriate.

- Record of Acquisitions
- Misfortunes
- Acquisitions Requiring Maintenance

Main Page

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