Yolande Janelle

Quick witted, sharply dressed and silver tongued. Her appearance as a noble rogue is only enhanced by her effortless manipulation of social and fiscal structures, a talent owing more to raw intelligence and charisma than her beauty.


GM Copy Character Sheet

Noble Born (Has bad relations with House Krin, outwitted them regarding a lucrative trade contract)
New Horizons – Xeno-Arcanist
Darkness – Warp Incursion
Fear – Tormented by the Unspeakable
Lineage: With-Born – Perilous Choice


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Born on the Hive World of Malfi, in the Malfian sub-sector of Calixis, Yolande Janelle was raised in luxury. Her parents were the owners of a large cartel heavily invested into indentured workers for the sub-sector plantations, a business that paid dividends to those not on the receiving end of the task-master’s lash. Content in herl ife of education, opulence and luxury, Yolande felt that nothing would ever pry her from her moneyed lifestyle.

The most expensive education in matters of commerce, philosophy and liberal arts was bestowed upon her, giving her insights the ordinary citizens of the Imperium would never encounter, let alone grasp. Chief among these insights was the concept of Xeno bio-diversity, a borderline heretical philosophy that meditated upon the nature of life in the galaxy, and man;s place within a greater order rather than at the apex.

This philosophy ingrained itself into her life, leading her to become a student of matters concerning xeno-tech and species, a frivolity tolerated by her parents when they realised she could bring extra revenue into the household by appraising devices brought to auction, frequently finding that many claimed xeno-devices were in-fact fake. Her most important find, however, was to scar her forever.

Invited to preside as the head of a team of experienced scholars, Yolande was asked to study and appraised the validity of a device an individual known as Lady Ioneyse had brought to auction. A perfect sphere of jet-black glossy crystal, inlaid with barely visible lines of what looked like circuitry on a miniscule scale, this device was beyond anything Yolande had previously experienced. She became fixated on it, turning her every waking hour to it’s study, until the day she finally figured out the correct series of pressure points to activate the device.

The resultant wave of electromagnetic force knocked out the power in the entire spire hosting the auction, causing panic as the air-vents ceased pumping and the lights went out. Yolande, however, was held-tight to the device, her muscles locked in painful paralysis as they dug deeper into the device, the traceries of circuitry flaring with sickly green light. In an instant she glimpsed what could be a distant future or unimaginable past, skies cut by jade lightening, unidentifiable xeno forms cut down by half-seen glittering skeletons. Weapons that stripped flesh to the bone, before blowing anything in their path into atoms. As the pain in her hands reached a fever pitch, the entire world seemed to drop out from under her. Everything was cold, grey. Life seemed a distant memory and all was without the radiance that she once remembered, without the sparks of existence. Screaming as she realised the emptiness the device had unleashed within her, she finally pulled free, the device clattering inert to the ground, and Yolande following as it seemed all the radiance the device had robbed the world of crashed into her skull.

Waking up in the intensive care ward of a high-spire Medicae facility, she could not remember all that she had seen, only a grey lifeless wasteland ruled by silent, brooding metal gods, followed by the rush of an ocean beyond imagining, and the laughter of hungry gods as she had let go of the device.

It was sometime before she realised that her experience with the xeno-device had cursed her with the taint of the witch. She first realised something was wrong when the Arbites officials sent to question her regarding the events dropped their case, disregarding the evidence against her concerning the handling of proscribed artefacts. Looking back at her interrogation, she remembered touching the hand of the officer in charge, begging him to leave her be and promising she had no knowledge of what had happened. In that moment, he softened, and immediately called his officers out of the room. Later that day, she was released with a mere caution to stay away from unlicensed auction houses, a mere warning as if she had not been party to the chaos the device had unleashed.

Knowing that her new powers would bring ruination upon her family, she made for the star-port above Malfi immediately, calling upon a vessel named the Eternal Quaestor. Word was that it’s Captain had arrived to take on crew and goods before making for Port Wander. telling her parents that she had taken an assignment with the Administratum cataloguing ancient human relics, she took her more prized possessions and made for the stars, knowing that to look back would invite destruction upon her family…

Opinions of the other Characters
Sigismund Von Trieger

A good man and worthy employer. His connections have proven more useful than a platoon of warriors in many a tricky situation, but his confidence seems to hide some previous transgression…

Rigel Rediqut

Overly formal, swinging to unseemingly coarse, Rigel is a typical voidsman. Cocky, self-assured and skilled enough to never admit his other flaws, he is likeable, but a little too rowdy for Yolande’s tastes at times.

Tassa Holt

Quiet, brooding, generally anti-social. That’s what you get growing up on a desert world walking for miles just for water every day. Yolande has been unable to get close to this warrior-woman, her relative silence and singular purpose in protecting the Captain not giving much time for fraternisation, though she wonders exactly what Tassa would consider to be ‘recreational’ outside of sparring and stormy contemplation of the day’s duty roster…

Tyax Gulftown

A fellow scholar, though one of the arcane secrets of technology, Yolande has tried to talk to this member of the Priesthood of Mars, with varying success. She knows little of the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and thus offends as often as she appeases. Still, this man is likely to closest thing to an equal she has found for her intellect currently.


Smelly, savage, massive and linguistically gifted. Akbol is the most interesting member of the crew to Yolande, his alien-nature sparking her childhood interest in the alien. Years of ingrained education that the alien is a menace to man constantly war with an equal measure of curiosity and need for knowledge. At first glance, she would have scoffed to think Akbol capable of speech except for his primitive tongue of bird-calls and clicks, but he is in-fact conversant in at least two other dialects, with a gift for working out the nature of virtually any verbal communication given time. This has led to Yolande attempting to talk to the alien mercenary, an uneasy interest growing between the two regarding their disparate existences.

Yolande Janelle

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