Rigel "Elite" Rediqut

Ex battlefleet fighter ace, turned voidmaster.


Origin path.
Battle fleet→ Stub jack → Renegade Free thinker→ Ship lorn Against all odds → Pride

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel FP Wou Cor Ins
38 50 36 39 53 42 39 43 40 4 9 0 3

Officer on deck +5 command. void accustomed. Ship bound fighter. -2 inti Long rage pen.
Enemy Ecclessiarchy. Reroll Fp for wounds.
Common law Navy +10. war. Forbidden law Xenos. Scholastic lore stellar. Nav stellar. Speak battle fleet cant, low Gothic. Pilot space craft +10, fliers. Intimidate.
Pistol Uni, Melle Uni, Awareness. Dodge. Drive ground vehicles.

Quick draw. Dark soul. Nerves of steel.

TBC after acquisition
Angiven Era chain sword. Best craft chain sword.

GM Copy Character Sheet

Record of Acquisitions


Rigel was born on the Mars class battle cruiser, Indomitable Will, as the middle son of Flag Captin Solar Rediqut. He spent the entirety of he’s early life training to carry on the Rediqut’s family tradition of service to Holy Terra in the Imperial Navy. He’s father and mother didn’t push him into any particular direction in the navy as the family motto goes “It matters not how you serve the Emperor as long as you serve” The Rediqut’s believed that if you do not have the ability you shouldn’t command and he’s father gave him no preference or special favors, beyond he’s personal training and encouragement of he’s sons.

As a teenager though he showed exceptional agility, spatial awareness, and tactical foresight that lead him to be Fury Interceptor pilot, passing the required exams, physical and practical tests at the age of 16. He spent the next decade and a half flying various atmospheric and non atmospheric craft, proving himself to be a natural leader of men he worked he’s way up to wing commander of the “Emperors Hawks” he’s wing aboard the Indomitable. Although an excellent pilot and leader of men, he retained an independent streak from he’s earlier years, often finding ways to circumnavigate or completely ignore orders, which prevented him from rising any further in the Navy’s ranks.

He would of happily carried on he’s roll of wing commander until retirement or death, until the fateful day when the Indomitable Will was part of an engagement with a Tau battle fleet. A newly promoted Watch captain by the name of Armon Gerrus ordered the wing on what could be considered nothing more then a suicide run. Gerrus unlike Rigel earned he’s position through family connections and politics rather then skill. The squadron although completing there objective was massacred by the Tau, leaving Rigel as the soul survivor, bringing he’s battered and scarred Fury into land, he immediately disembarked and upon seeing Gerrus on the flight deck flew into a rage, savagely beating the watch Captain, if not for the 6 navy rating’s he would of beaten the man to death.
Summoned before a commiserate trial, Rigels father made the one exception to not aiding he’s children politically and ensured he’s son received a dishonorable discharge rather then death.

Rigel "Elite" Rediqut

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