Sigismund Von Trieger

The Rogue Trader


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Origin Path

Of Extensive Means (Far Reaching Contacts)

Record of Acquisitions


Only remaining heir to the Von Trieger warrant, Sigismund is a realist. His dynasty has waned over recent millennia, and only their strong ties to the various bodies of power in the Imperium have kept them operational.

With the recent death of his mother in mysterious circumstances, it falls to Sigismund to take up the mantle of Rogue Trader and forge his dynasty back into the powerhouse it once was. Using what leverage he has with the Adeptus-Mechanicus a mighty frigate has been bestowed upon him and he has set forth to build bonds with other dynasties, strike out on his own to make new fortunes and ultimately to discover the cause of and avenge his mother’s death.

Sigismund Von Trieger

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