Akbol 'Far-Thinker'

An extraordinarily gifted individual regarding spoken language, Akbol's savage avian-like appearance hides his alien-intelligence and an almost unnatural ability to grasp alien-languages.


GM Copy Character-Sheet

Kroot Mercenary
Greenskin Hybrid
Homeworld: The Broken Warsphere ‘Shek’

Origin Path

Akbol was born roughly twenty Earth-years ago, the son of two fifth generation Kroot of the Tuskbreaker’s warband. He was raised with the verbal histories of his ancestors as his education, the rattling bone wind-chimes of the shapers playing out haunting music in time with tales of bravery, the arrival of the kroot in the Expanse via the ‘Dark Eye’ and the exploits of those honoured ancients who saved Shek from destruction at the hands of the hated Orks.

The warsphere, Shek, is situated in a location deep in the interstellar void, and Akbol would never reveal it’s location to any, not even his most trusted allies. Shek is the home of the strongest kindred in the Expanse, a holy site of trials and strength than only Kroot may walk, and only then if born there.

He is currently on his trials of adulthood, travelling the Expanse alone to prove his worth as an adult of his kindred, and return to his people filled with vital genetic knowledge from his many kills, as well as his own verses to add to the songs of the kindred. Well-muscled from a diet of Ork-flesh, he has inherited the resilience of his ancestors. As a by-product, the genetically encoded knowledge of the orkoid species has manifest as an unnatural talent for linguistic skills. He can speak any language given sufficient time, and mastered Low Gothic within a fortnight of arriving to ply his trade on the edges of the Footfall system. This has proven a useful skill in outdoing his competitors from other species, making him a more attractive prospect as he is able to converse in terms understood by all manner of employers.

Yolande Janelle was the highest bidder for his services at the ports above Footfall. Surprised by her willingness to talk to him compared to other humans, having previously worked for harsh men with low opinions of his kind, Akbol pressed for a fee that was marginally lower than his usual asking price, seeing the potential for an ongiong relationship with this employer. He quickly learned that Yolande was merely a proxy for a much more powerful individual by the name of Lord-Captain Von Trieger, a man he has yet to look square in the eye.

Opinions of the other Characters
Sigismund Von Trieger

He hasn’t met him yet, and knows his money is good, so he falls into Akbol’s usual mental category for all humans – if the money is good their manner doesn’t matter. This may change when the two finally meet…

Tassa Holt

A fellow warrior, but too reliant on the tolls and gadgets of her species. Akbol knows that she is amongst the stringest members of the Eternal Quaestor’s crew, and given the chance, would add her strength to his if she fell in battle. Ofcourse, he knows humans do not see the sacred art of consuming the dead in the same light, but such a chance would be hard to resist as her battle prowess has piqued his interest.

Tyrax Gulftown

More machine than man, this man is a mystery Akbol does not wish to contemplate too closely. The augmentation of the flesh is abhorrent to him, and he shivers inside to think of someone willingly mutilating themselves to become less alive.

Rigel Rediqut

Like the Captain, Akbol knows little of this man aside from his apparent prowess in steering the vessel he finds himself on. Time will tell if Akbol can appreciate this man;s manner and skills.

Yolande Janelle

His first point of contact in dealing with the Von Trieger Dynasty. Yolande is somewhat of a curiosity, but has little in common with the Kroot mercenary. She talks in complex terms and asks questions he cares not to answer, but his curiosity as to how her species thinks and acts is a good enough incentive to maintain dialogue. Little does she know that in his mind, there is little reason to talk to a being than to learn how best t is to prey upon them, although he has no intention of visiting harm upon those he is not paid to kill.

Akbol 'Far-Thinker'

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