• Akbol 'Far-Thinker'

    Akbol 'Far-Thinker'

    An extraordinarily gifted individual regarding spoken language, Akbol's savage avian-like appearance hides his alien-intelligence and an almost unnatural ability to grasp alien-languages.
  • Rigel "Elite" Rediqut

    Rigel "Elite" Rediqut

    Ex battlefleet fighter ace, turned voidmaster.
  • Sigismund Von Trieger

    Sigismund Von Trieger

    The Rogue Trader
  • Tassa Holt

    Tassa Holt

    Chief Bosun of the Eternal Quaestor
  • Tyax "Ephraim" Gulftown

    Tyax "Ephraim" Gulftown

    An ardent seeker of knowledge Ephraim has tasted what the expanse can offer, now he must know more.
  • Yolande Janelle

    Yolande Janelle

    Quick witted, sharply dressed and silver tongued. Her appearance as a noble rogue is only enhanced by her effortless manipulation of social and fiscal structures, a talent owing more to raw intelligence and charisma than her beauty.