Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Origin, Warrant and Starship Final Deadline

As discussed tonight at the Dark Heresy session (see Luc’s ‘Let the Jackals Feed’ campaign!), some people would like to re-jig the Warrant and Origin Paths for a more balanced ratio of profit factor and ship points. That’s fine, and we will have a discussion session as a group on the first Maritime Games Sunday Session between board gaming concerning this.

One proviso – You MUST be ready to accept the outcome of Sunday as the final decision on your part, as all updates on that aspect will be set in stone by that point. I will also be looking to get some (printer friendly) character sheets sorted for mechanical gen for those interested.

So things to do:

- Settle on final Warrant, Origin and Ship
- Generate characters on paper
- Sit tight and wait for Your prelude endeavour a week Monday

And things you need to bear in mind:

- Do not deviate from established themes, topics and goals too much (I have already started to write example meta/background and prelude endeavours and hooks!!!)

That is all!

Darren Smith

PS: Watch this space for news concerning possible cameos from some ‘out of town’ Maritime Games patrons. They will be rare, but hopefully make for some ‘wild-card’ player driven shenanigans.



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