Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

Mission Complete!

With Ingraine Armengarde safely escorted to Port Wander, our Explorers have a brief moment of respite and reflection.

With the prelude endeavour over, the Explorer’s rewarded and some interesting plot elements still waiting in the wings, The Bond’s of Dynasty is now in a brief 2 week hiatus before kicking off with the first Player’s Choice Endeavour. It have been an interesting experience running the prelude, finding that I need to improve my knowledge of the core rules with regards to combat systems, but the smaller group and focus on specialisation into individual roles has led to a much more communal experience.

The two main lessons I have taken away from this part of the campaign are:

- A fifth player may not be out of the question, with Senechal, Astropath or potentially a Kroot character being on the cards depending on how the players perform in their next Endeavour. As to who this fifth player will be, I will be communicating closely with my players in that regard. The main point of taking on an additional player is so that less of the more ‘occult’ or alien elements of the 41st millenium do not fall by the wayside. We have plenty of lores and high intelligence scores to ‘explain’ things, but no actual need to interact with it when it doesn’t suit the Explorers currently.

- Scripting is good. Having a ‘cheat-sheet’ for difficult scenes was vital, and in the one scene I was unprepared for speedy developments in the plot, the story bogged down temporarily until I caught a good thread to hold onto. More documentation before stories is good, but the sandbox element must remain inviolate, as my players greatly enjoyed having more control over their environment in their new setting.

So that’s me. Time for Saul Tarray, the Von Trieger family Archivist, to give you his view of the events that have transpired aboard the Eternal Quaestor.



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