Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty


With one week till the first session, there is much paperwork to be done!

Well thanks to a pioneering weekend session at Maritime Games, we have been able to create three of the four characters in their entirety, with our Void-Master being mere strokes of a pencil away from complete generation. As I receive the finished sheets, I will be remastering them into GM pdf sheets so that there is a solid copy with GM rulings concerning acquisitions and the likes available at all times.

So with that under control, I now have our first session to consider:

Prelude: Risky Business

Our intrepid explorers are ready to undock, but first there is the simple matter of meeting the family Archivist, Famulous and Executor of Estate. These NPC characters will be following our PCs throughout their adventures, documenting, assisting and occasionally arguing with them.

But after the mourning, revelry of a traditional wake and signing of documents, they will be ready to take to the stars; their first port of call being Port Wander. Ever the efficient executor, Yolande Janelle has three potential jobs for the explorers!

The Scion of House Armengarde

The heiress of House Armengarde requires transportation to Port Wander, and her mother is willing to pay handsomely in currency and favours for a Captain possessed of courage, honour and a well-armed vessel to ensure her well-being. The heiress, her entourage and belongings are a considerable cargo, but nothing a warp-capable craft cannot handle.

Doing such a favour for as notable a Rogue Trader as Aoife Armengarde (the heiress’ mother) would surely result in considerable standing with her House, and thus many entities she has dealings with. On the flip-side, requesting a ‘well-armed’ vessel doesn’t usually imply a peaceful transit…

Theme(s): Military
Magnitude: Lesser
Achievement Required: 900
Reward: +1 Profit Factor & Peer(House Armengarde) (If already in possession of Peer(Rogue Traders) upgrade to Good Reputation(House Armengarde)).

Mass Conveyance

Ms. Janelle, in her genius, has discovered a selection of key commodities that may be able to be sold at a great profit upon arrival at Port Wander. Oxygen scrubbers, grox, water and foodstuffs not locally produced are in great demand, and word has spread of profiteering rackets on the Port driving prices upwards.

A canny group of explorers with an appropriately equipped vessel may be able to turn significant profit, if they can negotiate a low enough buying price. However, increased competition has led to some rather underhand ‘knobbling’ tactics amongst the trading houses, both Chartist and Rogue Trader. Canny word play and cautious travel are advised…

Theme(s): Trade
Magnitude: Lesser
Achievement Required: 900
Reward: +1 Profit Factor (An appropriately equipped vessel is it’s own reward)

Pest Control

Lord-Captain Aspyce Chorda is renowned for her relentless pursuit of those who slight her honour. One such man is the Chartist Captain Mandred Hans, who is rumored to have embezzled a small fortunes worth of Nephium (a rare resource coveted by the Mechanicus). With this wealth he fled, obtained protection and his own sub-warp trading vessel, bribing and bartering for the relevant licenses. Though he lacks the influence and raw wealth of a Rogue Trader, his flight to the Calixis sector as a legitimate sub-light trader has left him believing he is beyond his former Mistress’ reach.

This is where our explorers come in. There is a sizeable bounty on Captain Hans’ head, equal to the value of the Nephium he is rumoured to have stolen. A suitably impressive execution, showing both stealth and brutality (effectively making a display that cannot be traced back to the executioner) would pave the way for future work with the Lady Chorda in the future.

The hang up lies in her terms. She wants a symbolic body part (it may be a hand, eye, head or heart) to not only genetically confirm the authenticity of a claimant, but prove that the killer delivered word of her vengeance to the thief. Merely destroying his vessel or vaporising him is not good enough, to be sure of a clean kill without destruction of the corpse, the explorers will have to get close to him.

It is up to them to discover his next port of call, and ambush him before he reaches the safety of the relevant authorities.

Theme(s): Criminal
Magnitude: Lesser
Achievement Required: 900
Reward: +1 Profit Factor & Peer(House Chorda) (If already in possession of Peer(Rogue Traders) upgrade to Good Reputation(House Chorda)).

Decisions, decisions…

This is the first step towards glory and wealth for our explorers, and it is an important one. Their actions here will colour the opinions of several major players upon their arrival at Port Wander, and potentially reveal much about their motives to those watching them closely, ever wary of new arrivals looking to make their name…

Complete breakdowns of Endeavours will be revealed in narrative terms to players and stored in the GM section until required

Looking forwards to posting my first in-character Archivist’s Log as soon as our explorers have decided upon their first endeavour, but for now goodbye.



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