Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

First Genning session and all is well.

A combination of in-character NPC blog and GM self-critique/ramble

- Campaign Theme, Topics and Goals settled upon.
- Narrative Group, Character and Warrant Path Generation completed.
- Starship generation discussed and prototype sheets drawn up for discussion 16/01/11.

A productive first session, discussing the core themes desired in the game, as well as the generation of ‘fluff’ and narrative hooks for individual characters.

Pleased to say that the test of the first version of Maritime Games ‘Rogue Trader Group Generator’ is going well and proving useful is adopting cues and personal story elements form the group. A medium sized group of four players seems optimal, but testing with larger groups should be taken on by any GM’s willing to give feedback. The document is available publicly via (link).

The following Careers and ship roles have been settled upon:

- Rogue Trader (Lord-Captain)
- Explorator (Enginseer Prime)
- Arch-Militant (Chief Bosun)
- Void-Master (First Officer)

More details of these characters will soon become available in the relevant section of this website!

Goals for next session (16/01/11):

- Mechanical Character Generation (origin Paths completed, sheets need filling in).
- Starship generation completion.
- Prelude brief arc; The Inheritance (in character discussion and mood establishment).
- Pre-Campaign Acquisitions.
- One Small Step; a short Lesser Endeavour chosen from several ‘transition micro-arcs’.

Finally, the Warrant path has been determined and will become available shortly via the campaign wiki. This will show the Warrant in it’s full historic glory, written collaboratively by the Rogue Trader Dynast and myself, the GM.

That is all for now, but I look forwards to starting some In-Character blog posts from the Dynasty’s venerable archivist Saul Tarray, as well as providing feedback concerning my next big drive in the campaign run-up; Collaborative Background Writing.


First session was great, loved how you ensured we were carrying out a campaign with themes the whole group good get into, great work mate.


Thanks, it is good to know people are happy with the system as it stands.

See you on Sunday.


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