Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

Finally an Update

Sorry for the delay! We have been playing!

Due to University work, actual work and various responsibilities, the blog updates on this campaign have stalled for months on end. but no more! I have compiled a brief bullet pointed list of the events that have unfolded for the crew in the last 5 months, and some short stories about the pivotal moments will be coming up.

Also, with the release of Black Crusade, certain characters have started to show somewhat of a sadistic piratical bent. Will this cause a rift in the command crew of the Von Trieger Dynasty? Will Chaos gain another powerful tool in real-space? Or will they stop short of the abyss, saving themselves and countless millions from the horrors such eldritch entities surely have planned for them?

Find out in September, when the current chapter of the Von Trieger dynasty concludes!

So without further ado, in chronological order, the events of the last few months:

- The saboteurs aboard the Quaestor are defeated, a large ab-human with extreme augmetic modification taken prisoner and handed to Port Wander auothirites. Their target appears to have been Isolde.

- The crew stock up on supplies, acting on rumours of an undiscovered cluster of stars in the Expanse. Known as Simkin’s Reach in legends, the discovery of such a place would bring glory and profit to the Rogue Trader skilled enough to find it.

- The Quaestor moves on to Footfall, experiencing some strange waking nightmares amongst it;s crew whilst moving through the Maw, but suffering no other ill effects. Mercenaries are hired at Footfall, adding to the current contingent. Sarvus Trask personally expresses his interest in the Von Trieger dynasty, singing off some of his own mercs to the task.

-Yolande janelle and Akbol far-Thinker join the crew, hired as a specialist and a Xenos guide respectively.

- Having managed to throw off their competitors with disinformation, the explorers manage to find the Reach after several months of deep space scanning. The Quaestor makes out 3 main worlds with signs of starship activity, with 2 dead-looking systems nearby.

- Stopping off at the largest of the three active systems, the ship is hailed by a Proto-Mechanicus civilisation, expressing interest in the obviously ancient design of the Quaestor. Negotiations breakdown due to lack of communication and violence breaks out, three of their system ships being destroyed with the Quaestor suffering significant hull damage, but no critical effects.

- Fleeing the system before the arrival of more system ships, the explorers enter the quietest of the three main systems. A primitive missile based defence grid betrays the central world, an Earth-like temperate world with a post-modern (by our standards) society. Hopelessly outmatched, they make friendly overtures to the explorers, which are reciprocated.

- Whilst on the surface, it is found that the society has a heretical atheistic outlook, and infrequent contact with two warring neighbours. They have no advanced space technology, but rely on protection from either side by growing food stuffs and developing luxuries for the elites of both nations. Von Trieger negotiates an exchange of manpower and technology for improved relations and food stuffs.

- Before departing, Von Trieger and Tassa Holt notice a strange Xenos gem in the main auditorium of the diplomatic building. Von Trieger’s orders that the device be stolen, and Tassa obliges, fumbling the gem into her personal effects. The security forces in the building witness this, demanding they stand down and be detained. With lightening reactions, Tassa guns down the three guards in her way, Von Trieger advancing aloof through their ruined bodies.

- Akbol finds someone spying on their shuttle while this is going on, and intimidates him into handing over his pict-recorder before destroying it. She is then threatened by security, who are convinced that all of the explorers are in on the theft of priceless Xeno artefacts. As Tassa and Von Trieger flee the scene, the guards are forced to retreat under superior fire, and the shuttle takes off.

- As they head towards low-orbit, a ground based SAM site launches a flurry of missiles, breaching the shuttle and almost spilling Sigismund from the vessel. Barely hanging on, he orders the Quaestor to teleport them out of the shuttle. This dooms the shuttle and the advanced fiscal cogitator they had brought as a demonstration of their technology, follow up missiles blowing them from the sky.

- The teleport attempt causes minor internal injuries, a small price to pay thanks to the extremly skilled use of the teleportarium by Tyrax Gulftown, the ship’s Engineer. With Von trieger unconscious, the First officer carries out his previously stated wishes, and jumps the vessel to the next system, whilst the Enginseers aboard the frigate make sense of the strange gem that has been brought back.

The following months will be updated within 24 hours






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