Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

Chronicles of the Von Trieger Dynasty Vol.2

Beset on all sides, by villain and law-man alike!

It is with a shaky hand that I write this remembrance of the past near-two-months of my honoured Lord-Captain’s voyage. Within an hour of our translation back to real-space on the edges of the Malfi system, we were set upon by a pirate frigate of ancient design. They reckoned without the skill of our Chief Bosun in directing of our gun crews, the talents of our Enginseer who coaxed unimaginable performance out of our vessel, and the skilful oratory and command offered up by our Lord-Captain Von Trieger. Our helmsman, First officer Rediqut, showed superb skill navigating us clear of a clumsy boarding attempt, though I must admit that the proximity of the enemy to our hull shook me to the core, the beating of my heart mimicking the thunder of our guns as we traded fire with the cursed villains.

Suffice to say, my Lord’s money had been well spent, and the upgrades to our weaponry left the hostile vessel a scorched mockery of what it had been mere hours ago. Elation quickly turned to fear, as two more signatures blinked into life on our augers. Heading in at a speed only the most capable or insane helmsman would dare, their intent to board was palpable. I pride myself on not knowing the vile forms of the xenos-threat, but the configuration of these vessels, so I was told by the vessels Ambassador Janelle, matched the configuration of a vile, predatory species known as the Rak’Gol. She seemed disturbed that they were this far into Imperial space, though she did not deign to mention why, as she turned to her duties, rousing the spirits of the crews with oratory and promises of reward.

As with our last foe, the vessel speeding in on a course towards us was deftly avoided by the our vessel, the plasma generators screaming in pain as the machine spirit was pushed to it;s limits. I am told that the chanting of our dedicated Engineering priesthood seemed to almost match the pitch and fall of the generators themselves as Enginseer Prime Ephraim led them in their arcane rights of binding and supplication. Having side-stepped our fast but cumbersome foe, Chief Bosun Holt quickly gutted the xenos-filth, bright fires burning as plumes of whatever passed for air in their heresy of a starship billowed into the void.

As this was being done, my Lord Von Trieger was in dialogue with our former attackers, negotiating their surrender. Though they had chosen to use only an audio channel, fear was clear in their Captain’s voice. He made mention of multiple fires, horrific casualties, and attempted parley – stating that they had only taken the job because the money was right, and that they would trade the name of their employer should they be allowed amnesty aboard our vessel.

Before any reply could be sent, the stricken ship was grappled onto by the rock-like spire of xenos-scum. Panicked shouting broke out over the comm-link, which devolved into the screams of unimaginably torment punctuated by alien-roars of what would pass for insane rage were a man to make such an unholy noise. In his wisdom, Lord-Captain Von Trieger ordered the comm-link severed, and moved away as the two vessels rolled away into the darkness, the fate of those poor men trapped within over-riding the knowledge that they had attempted to kill us a mere hour earlier.

As we debated our course of action, the command-staff split between morality and vengeance concerning our former assailants, we were hailed by a system monitor of the Malfian House Guard, the governing body’s personal defence fleet. Outrageously, they demanded that we stand down, stating that we had initiated hostilities, and that High Judge Hoskis, the highest authority on Malfi, would decide our fate. I was quite taken aback, such presumption and disrespect from men not even of the Arbites, to dictate what would or would not come before a Court of Imperial Law, when surely the very Judge they mentioned did not even know of our presence in the system currently. My surprise was quickly replaced with a sense of dread as our honoured guest, the Illuminant, informed us that his mistress had received word that our arrival had been reported weeks in advance of our physical appearance in the system, and that ‘evidence’ of our plan to commit acts of piracy and arson had been passed to this Judge Hoskis by an ‘influential third party’. This nameless third party, whom the Illuminant claimed no knowledge of, apparently wished to keep us here – likely with the intention of having our vessel seized and strike at Lady Ingraine Armengarde while our guard was down.

As our vessel was escorted in system, it was clear that we had atleast five days until we made berth at Malfi itself, and so no hour was spared in tardiness or rest. Plans of escape, bribery, bartering and negotiation were bandied back and forth, some rejected outright and others discussed for days on end with as many arguments as resolutions. Eventually, though it was settled that my Lord Von Trieger, when questioned, would allude to the guilt of our supposed victims, proving that we were unable to be bound on non-existent evidence, and threatening to expose a blatant attempt to slander the name of his House by making a mockery of the Arbites institution itself. Such an audacious plan seemed fraught with danger and the possibility of the Judge himself taking a part in the interrogation and taking exception to such accusations was a common topic of conversation in the hours leading up to our docking. Still, our Lord-Captain was adamant, and his word was not to be questioned.

He was gone for two days, undoubtedly well-kept by his Arbites jailers whilst questioned, and we were confined to our ship, unable to perform resupply nor trade during the interrogation, not that they had dared to call it such. But after two days the tone of the security forces assigned to our docking-port had changed, and as our Lord-Captain returned to his vessel, a great cheer went up from those crewmen manning the Lighter Bay as he proclaimed the verdict of the High Judge Hoskis via his shuttle’s vox-caster – all charges were dropped and an investigation was underway into the nature of the slander again House Von Trieger. He also had a name for the Illuminant at least, an individual going by the name of Marcella Ioneyse, apparently third in line to the apex of House Ioneyse, had been the source of accusations against us. Apparently using the good name of her family, she had managed to convince local authorities that irrefutable evidence of our guilt would be found aboard our vessel. After inspection had failed to turn up evidence, and our Lord-Captain had talked sense into the men dirt-side, the case had crumbled, and we were graciously invited to make land-fall and partake of the many trading opportunities available.

Now, as our men make landfall to assist in bringing the last of Lady Ingraine Armengarde’s men and valuable aboard the Eternal Quaestor, I lay my pen to rest. My Lord has need of me in checking the accounts of some local trade-deals for supplies we hope to sell at mark up upon arrival at Port Wander. Upon our arrival, the third and final account of our maiden voyage shall be written in full, and the next chapter of the Von Trieger Dynasty Chrincles may begin in earnest!



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