Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

Chronicles of the Von Trieger Dynasty Vol.1

A noble cause, dogged by villainous fiends.

I, Saul Tarray, Archivist for the honourable House Von Trieger, do declare this record to be of true word and pure intent. The truth of history shall be borne out by my words, and the glory of House Von Trieger immortalised in ink.

Upon the twenty-first day of high-sun, on the world of Scintilla, did the honourable Lord-Captain Sigismund Von Trieger receive news of his mother’s demise upon her flagship. The shattered hulk had drifted into the Lathe system under it’s own power, little sign of it;s crew remaining and signs of a savage battle upon her blessed hull. The Mechanicus, Emperor bless them, honoured their ancient ties with the Von Trieger dynasty and took the vessel into their care, releasing one of their very own Explorator vessels in lieu.

Despite the magnanimosity of the Mechanicus, my lord’s grief at the loss of his mother was palpable, with a touching speech to her memory given with due respect and much heart. The effect on those worthies invited to her funeral was evident, and raucous applause in her memory broke the usual sullen silence of such affairs. It was heartening indeed to see her memory honoured with celebration in lieu of sadness.

As with all things, petty beaurocracy and the laws of inheritance quickly pushed the ceremonies out of memory, as my lord was petitioned on all sides by all manner of fair-weather-friends and aspiring nobles. Lord Von Trieger, however, was no fool and turned away many of these supposed ‘investors’, instead heeding the words of a man known as the Illuminant. Refusing to reveal his true name, this mysterious gentleman proceeded to offer a most noble job from an old friend of the late Lady Von Trieger – none other than Lady Armengarde herself.

We have yet to discover the true nature of this job, but tomorrow, Lord-Captain Von Trieger and his closest officers will be meeting with the Illuminant, to discuss the terms of their contract. May the Emperor shine his blessed radiance on both Houses.

Thus ends my first remembrance. I shall hasten to pen the events that have transpired since we left Scintilla, but for now, I tend to my duties aboard ship assiting my Lord as we navigate the Empyrean. Navis Scion Kennoch suggests we have another 4 weeks of travel through the warp until we reach Malfi, ample time to start my writings. I bid you farewell and will be sure to have my final draft ready for the Family Archives by the time we exit the warp.



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