The Bonds of Dynasty are now your Boon and Burden!

Welcome all to ‘The Bonds of Dynasty’, a Rogue Trader campaign focussing on a recent inheritor of an Imperial Warrant of Trade and his most trusted companions. From birth each of the individuals in this fateful gathering has marked themselves out as remarkable, independent and ambitious. Though the Rogue Trader himself holds the Warrant, his companions have chosen to support him in his endeavours, combining their talents and fusing their destinies.

From the cold formality of Inheritance rituals, to the proving fires beyond the great warp storm known as The Maw, this campaign will document the trials, travels and endeavours of these fledgling explorers. Will they rise to glory, sink into infamy or fade into dust, never to be remembered?

Only one thing is certain in the untamed wilds of the Expanse, the Bonds of Dynasty are forgotten only in death!

Rogue Trader: The Bonds of Dynasty

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